Haramain finds the origin of its name from Al Haramain and serves as a reminder of the Holy Place with a dear and beloved association for the Muslim community. While Haramain Info or Haramain Recordings began as a voluntary service in the name of Sadqa-e-Jari'ah, it has since 2006, transformed into a formal company with products and services expanding into different avenues and ventures.

Haramain Shop is one of the extensions of Haramain.com to connect people with high end products with Spiritual Connection Beyond Infinity. This Shop will have all the accessories and products that enhances a stronger connection with Allah (SWT). 

We aim to create a hub for all Muslim Ummah to come together for their needs, be it Zabihah services, beloved products, merchandise, Salaah recordings, live webinars or dissemination of authentic and true information. Haramain, as a source of services and products wants to ensure the utmost contentment and satisfaction of the Muslim community spread across the globe.

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